OpShiloh Program Details – Operation Shiloh

OpShiloh Program Details

Operation Shiloh – Israel

Course participants can expect the following:

  • Training at facilities used by elite IDF and Israeli security forces
  • Instruction in Krav Maga
  • Field first aid
  • Guided tours of Israeli Merkava tanks, and other Army equipment
  • Live fire exercises on automatic weapons (pistols and assault weapons)
  • Briefings by front line officers
  • Intensive, practical anti-terror training by IDF personnel and ex-security operatives
  • Overview of the specialized tactics used by the IDF to thwart terror attacks and safeguard civilians
  • Terrorism Field Studies
  • Evasive driving instruction
  • Tactical Paintball terror simulations
  • Helicopter overflight of the seam-line areas and the anti-terrorism fence*
  • Observation & Tour of nighttime civilian guard duty*
  • Experience true esprit de corps and develop lifelong friends
  • Dinner on the Ramparts overlooking the Western Wall and the Temple Mount Plaza below
  • Metzuke Dragot Wilderness Preserve Bonfire and overnight
  • Ein Gedi Beach, swim in the Dead Sea
  • Seminars on the following topics:
    • Introduction, Definitions, Strategic Issues
    • The Mindset of the Terrorist
    • Terrorism – Means and Methods
    • Introduction to Situational Awareness
    • Situational Awareness II
    • Situational Awareness Field Exercises
    • Ten Terror Tips
    • Creating a Situational Awareness Plan
  • Testing and Certification

*subject to governmental approvals

Length: Five Days (Sunday – Thursday)

Cost: US$3500, includes training modules specified above, room, board, ground transportation; does not include airfare