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Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice Spicy Product Review

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Zatarain’s makes amazing side dishes that can be spiced up into a main meal. Today we tried the Red Beans and Rice Spicy version. This was simple to make. All you have to add to this is water and oil. The oil is optional. The box says that you can add ΒΌ of a cup less water if you want your rice to be less saucy. This is the way I made it since it would be used as a side dish on a plate.

To cook the red beans and rice, you just boil water, oil, and the packet of red beans, rice, and spices. Once it reaches a boil, you turn the burner down to a simmer and cover it. You then let it cook for about 25 minutes and just stir it once in awhile. There is also a microwave option but I did not try it this way.

One thing I loved about this was that it came out perfect. The rice or beans were not hard at all. Some other box dishes with rice do not come out this well. It was the perfect amount of time to cook it.

The box says that it has 4 servings in it. One serving contains 200 calories. It has 0g of fat, 890 mg of sodium, 40g of carbohydrate, 5g of dietary fiber, and 7g of protein.

We had chicken fajitas for dinner and this was a perfect side dish. I did not add any meat to it at all even though you can if you want to make it go further or make a meal out of it. Sausage would be a good addition to this box. It was plenty of food. We had leftovers and if you added meat to it would feed a family of four easy.

The red beans and rice were the spicy version. These were just a bit too spicy for me and the kids could not eat them at all. When comparing different Zatarain’s products, I would have to say that the normal kind is just right for me. Mild is not enough spice and spicy is too much. You will have to try the different kinds and decide which spice is right for you.

Zatarain’s New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice is a great product if you enjoy New Orleans style meals. It is affordable and makes a great side dish or meal for any family. Ricecookerworld has recommended you make this with a new rice cooker though!

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