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Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker: My Best “Keep Me Going” Christmas Present

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The Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker was a joint Christmas present to me and my husband, but I figure that since I am the one home all day, I can claim it! The Bunn is exactly the one I wanted and its said to be one of theĀ best espresso coffee makers. Actually, we have had a Bunn Coffee Maker for many years, and enjoy how quickly they will produce a pot of coffee. The one we had was slowing down from old age I guess…hey, it happens to the best of us. And, to top it all off, the poor old Bunn we had was suffering from some kind of warp syndrome.

Always looking for a bargain, I had found the old Bunn Coffee maker at one of those discount surplus stores. It was brand new, still in the box, but it was also a little malformed. The top part where the basket slides in had a slight tilt to it, so there wasn’t much room for the coffee pot to slide into it’s spot.

Bunn Commercial Coffee MakerAfter several years, and a trillion pots of coffee being made in the old Bunn Coffee Maker, it drooped even more. It made trying to get the pot off of the warmer very interesting some times. If you weren’t careful you could even drag the basket of coffee grounds out with it, creating quite a mess at times.

Apparently, my husband and I cussed and complained one to many times when our son and daughter-in-law were over for coffee. It could have also been because my son got stuck making a few pots of coffee in it too. The rule at our house is if you are the one to empty the coffee pot, you are also the one to make a fresh pot of coffee.

Whatever the reason was, my son and daughter-in-law decided that a new Bunn Commercial Coffee Maker would make us an ideal Christmas present. They sure were right too. This new Bunn Coffee Maker is a stylish black with silver trim, and looks quite well with my stainless steel kitchen appliances.

And, it will brew a pot of coffee in less than 3 minutes. This is very important in our family of avid coffee drinkers, where there is always a pot of coffee on and ready for drinking. The Bunn Coffee maker is that fast because it always has hot water sitting in it’s reservoir tank. When you pour in the pot of cold water, it pushes the hot out into the brewing basket.

The reservoir tank has an 800 watt heater and a 34 watt ‘keep warm” heater in it. The warming plate is 46 watts, which means the entire pot operates at 900 watt maximum. The best thing about always having the hot water supply is that you can just run a pot of hot water for tea, or hot chocolate. If you can catch it without a pot of coffee sitting on the warmer, which at my house is near impossible.

The Bunn Coffee Maker comes with a 3 year warranty, but they usually last for a very long time, with proper care. Unless, like me, you try to get a slightly malformed bargain Bunn! The Bunn Coffee Maker is a little more expensive, costing about $100.00, but it is worth it in the long run, as they last a long time. The speed and efficiency of the coffee maker is great for those who just can not do without their coffee.

The are only a couple disadvantages that I can see with the Bunn Coffee Maker. You can only use Bunn filters in it. Cheaper, generic filters are too short and the coffee grounds runs over into the pot. The Bunn Coffee maker doesn’t have a timer on it, and you can’t use an external timer to wake up to coffee either.

Oh well, when it only takes 3 minutes to brew, I guess the wait for that first morning cup of coffee is not so bad. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy it with me, won’t you? Here’s to a Christmas present I’ll enjoy for years to come. Thanks kids….

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